Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Out In The Tullies

I first heard the phrase "out in the tullies" 9 years ago. All this time, I thought it was made up, I thought "boonies" was the correct term. But noooo, it's really real. Dear GG and Google say so!

So just yesterday, I was "out in the tullies" (aka boonies) driving along on a rural highway in Colorado. It was beautiful the entire way!

When first crossing the state line from Wyoming into Colorado, I saw this lovely welcoming wall mural..........

....I saw amazing rock formations, and wondered how they got there.......

....I passed this tiny roadside church........

....I stopped to watch some grazing Pronghorn antelope....

...I noticed this hole in the clouds that looked as if rain was pouring through it.....

.....I snapped a picture of this paint splattered, graffiti covered boulder....

....I marveled at the never-ending parade of beautiful rocky hills....

And finally, nearing the end, I chuckled when I noticed that Ever Open Cafe is only open from 6am to 10pm.

It was a nice drive "out in the tullies".


GG said...

I am in shock! You admitted in public that I was right ; ) Although for the last 9 years I may, or may not have sat around and tried to make up words for you... Tullies is legit! And yes, I should have bet you on it, lol. Love Love Love the church photo, it's my favorite. Could you please get a camera that zooms a little better for the next antelope sighting? ; ) And are you positive that the big hole in the clouds wasn't the mother ship sucking up life forms??? Happy June 29th, Oneal629.

O'Neal said...

Enjoy my admission while you can, I'm pretty sure it will never happen again. About that bet, you snooze, you lose, chicky! I'm glad you liked the church picture, I had a feeling you would :) And until I get me a fancy shmancy camera with a mondo zoom lens on it, try on the picture...spin around in your chair 3 times....say ABRACADABRA backwards... and....POOF!... the antelope picture will magically ENLARGE!! And the mother ship, man you're good GG, it really WAS a mother ship, and this particular mother ship was only sucking up Starbucks and vintage pink and blue prom dresses. You've been warned :)
Happy 29th to you, too, GG, wishing you many more. Hugs back.

Anonymous said...

Well...fancy shmancy camera or no, I love the shots! Especially the graffiti covered boulder! Street art... tullie style! :D

GG said...

Hey BB,
You don't need a fancy camera with a mondo zoom lens, you just need to hit zoom with yours :) Orrrrr be brave and get a little closer to the wild animals ; ) I tried the spinning around in my chair 3 times just for fun though, it just made me dizzy and feel faint! Oh and Do NOT mess with my Starbucks or Prom Dresses, you have been warned! Can't wait to see the photos of the rock from today. Hmmmm wondering if you are in a cuddle mood again tonight?

GG said...

After now seeing the photo of your latest painted rock, it puts this one to shame : ) You better do another blog post soon. By the way, you are a cover hog, just saying : )

O'Neal said...

I'm not Indiana Jones or Crocodile Dundee or Rambo, I'm Mr. Cuddles. I prefer to admire wild animals from afar.

Sorry about the chair spinning incident. Next time, pop some Dramamine first!

Why are you warning ME? I was warning YOU about the coffee-and-prom-dress -sucking-mothership! You have been warned, AGAIN!

I am glad you like the new rock pictures. It certainly is different from the other. Hold your horses on another rock post, I have some postcards to show off first :)

Cover hog, ha ha ha! Another one of those GG terms I've never heard before.
Hugs back.

GG said...

I'm going to pop you if you make me spin around in my chair again! You are warning me again? I am warning you, that you better not warn me again, you have been warned! I am so confused ; ) GG terms are the best aren't they : ) : ) : )
Hugs front and back,

twenty said...

I cannot understand well, does 'out in the tullies' mean being far away from the city?

Whatever, I really love the fantastic welcoming wall mural, if I passed by it when going to Colorado, I would feel very very excited^_^

BTW, I really enjoy the conversation between BB & GG, lol.

O'Neal said...

Joy: "street art, tullie style" PERFECT! I'm glad you liked the photos. I found another very different artistic boulder in Iowa that I will be sharing with you soon!

Twenty: Yes, "out in the tullies" means a rural area, remote, far from cities, out in the middle of nowhere. "Boondocks" or "boonies" has the same meaning.
The wall mural in Colorado said "Welcome to Colorado", it was really pretty. I would have walked closer to take a better picture, but it looked to be on private property.
BB & GG conversations do get silly, sometimes :)

GG: Sorry things got so confusing and misunderstood. As for GG terms, they can be real head-scratchers; more often than not, I think they mean one thing, then find out they mean another.
Hugs from the other, lesser known, grand canyon.

Kendra said...

I almost feel like I was riding along with you. Be careful in the heat this week. Love you.:)