Monday, July 25, 2011

Man Of Few Words

Well, he's a man of no words, actually.
And apparently, he likes to hang out at a truck stop in Brighton, Colorado. Or maybe he's hitch hiking across the country. I don't know. He really didn't say.


Kendra said...

He looks like he's suffering from indigestion from eating an extra large Colorado shaped pizza.:)

Cari Lin said...

Hey, you definitely should have offered this man a ride.
He would have made a very fun passenger! Oh the adventures you two could have had...

If he's still there the next time you stop by, you'll have to do something fun with him. He's too good to just leave there, unmessed with.

O'Neal said...

Well, I don't know about doing a "Thelma & Louise" thing with him. But, next time, I'd be happy to slap a "Cari wants to mess with me!" sticker on him!

Cari Lin said...

Oh come on! He could be the Postcard and Roadtrip version of the Phant.

And that sticker would be an awesome sticker for me to have. I can foresee many uses for it!

O'Neal said...

First, you turn Phant into a hardened criminal with flagrant trespassing, and now you are encouraging me to kidnap Mr. Quiet.
Holy cow, you've morphed into Bonnie (of Bonnie & Clyde).

Very sorry, you can't have the sticker, it's going to be planted front & center on Mr. Q's well-worn, but snazzy, cowboy hat.