Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gaz Island, Croatia Postcard

This surprise card came from Nives.

Technically, it's Gaz, one of a group of islands making up the Brijuni Islands National Park in Croatia.

But to me, it's a really cool fish-shaped island postcard that looked great sitting in O'Neal's mailbox and even better when it joined O'Neal's fabulous postcard collection!

And, umm, Nives, here is the pretty black stamp again ; )
I really like when the cancellation is clear and legible.
Thanks very much for the nice surprise!


Nives said...

:) Happy you like it!

And the black stamp... again... sorry. I'll go yell at someone at my post office. Promise. :D

TravellingPostcard said...

Great blog you have. I will put you on my bloglist. Feel free to do the same.

Cari said...

Cool! Now I want to live on a fish shaped island.

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