Friday, September 30, 2011

Time Capsule, Oelrichs, South Dakota USA

 Came across this time capsule in Oelrichs, South Dakota. I don't know what other time capsules look like, but this one is pretty cool.

I won't be around when they open it. That's kind of depressing to think about. So, instead, I will think about the MLB playoffs that start tomorrow!
Go Cardinals!!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

P.S  Here's a brief history of Oelrichs, for those not interested in baseball.


Cari said...

That's one skinny cow.

Cari said...

PS. Where'd you get the photo for your new blog topper?

O'Neal said...

Speaking of cows, I saw a cow in a pasture this past week that appeared to have just given birth to a calf. I'll do a post on it next week.

The banner/header thing you mean? All of the pictures that I put up there are from my own travel photos. I try to change the picture every couple of weeks. Anyway, it's a picture of Carhenge in Nebraska. I'll do a post on it next week, too.

I just ruined the whole what's-coming-next blog post effect, didn't I? If you read the new posts next week, please try to act surprised and interested anyway : )

Kendra said...

So close today. I will have all of my fingers crossed for tomorrow's game.:)

O'Neal said...

It worked! Do that again tomorrow!

Kendra said...

Counting down the hours.:)