Monday, October 10, 2011

Outgoing Postcards

NOTE: Please ignore the previous post. I am so over my baseball afterglow. GRRRR!! Anyway.......

Eileen in the UK had a wide variety of topics on her wish list. "BIG letter" cards was on the list.
I really like this one from Memphis, Tennessee.

And since she kindly asked for her card to be mailed in an envelope, I figured I might as well get more bang for my buck (well, 98 cents, actually) and slipped in a couple more cards from her wish list.
This one, a US map......

.....and this one, a sweet little hard-working hummingbird.

And of course, I smothered the envelope with a bunch of stamps!

You're thinking Natalia in Ukraine listed "men in suits" on her wish list, aren't you? Well, think again, she's a big Beatles fan.

I'm glad that I had stamps to match some of her other interests.

Guenni in Germany said he'd like a picture taken from my kitchen window. I didn't have any on hand that day, so I sent him this card that I spotted in his favorites gallery.
It's a 1940s photo of some of the 400 men who worked on the Mt. Rushmore sculpture in South Dakota.

I tried to match some stamps to his interest in culture, art and paintings.

That's all for today!  GO CARDS!!

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