Friday, May 24, 2013

Lubbock, Texas, Dust Storm

Yesterday, I found myself in a wild wind and dust storm on a trip to Lubbock, Texas.

After arriving at my destination, the winds were still going strong. (I had heard later that winds were 60-70 mph)

I'm happy to say that, today, it's sunny and beautiful in Lubbock, and not windy at all!

Before getting deep into the dust storm, I noticed this giant-sized dust devil near Plainfield, Texas.
I have seen small dust devils out west, but much smaller though. I'm glad this one was a safe distance away from the highway. It was quite a sight though!


Brenda Perez said...

nice pictures - taking pics while driving again??

Nives said...

We don't really get such things around here, so it looks interesting to me... but I don't know how "interesting" it is to be near (in?) one of those?! :)

Cari said...

Cool pictures! I've never seen a dust storm or a dust devil before. Although I have seen plenty of dust bunnies....

Anyway, glad you navigated through it safely and that you captured these shots. Thanks for sharing!

ONeal said...

Brenda, me? Taking pictures while driving? Nooo, never....those are postcards. Yeah, that's it...they're postcards.

Nives, it WAS interesting! I'm sure it could have been a lot worse, but as it was, it was mostly annoying. Dust and gritty stuff in and on everything, including eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Ptooey!

Cari, dust bunnies. LOL
You know, dust bunnies are the most dangerous of all. A person can easily poke out an eye with a broomstick handle while sweeping them under the bed. :)

Cari said...

Oh yeah, I never considered the sand dust being in your eyes, etc. Ouch!

And, thank you, you've given me a perfectly legitimate to leave the dust bunnies where they lie from now on. It's a matter of safety. Safety first!!

ONeal said...

Cari, yes, safety must always come first! Stay away from the dust bunnies! But if anyone hands you goggles, you're screwed. :)