Friday, June 7, 2013

Duct Tape Postcard!

Looky what was in my mailbox today! My very own, and first ever, duct tape postcard! What a super fun Friday surprise from Brenda.  Thanks very, very much! 

<   Front side

<   Back side


Cari said...

Very cool!! Is it a postcard covered in duct tape? Or just completely made from duct tape?

How 'bout them Cardinals? :)

ONeal said...

I think it's all duct tape, with a coating of clear packaging tape. It's not flimsy at all.

Cardinals! YES! They're hot right now! Annnnd your Tigers are on top, too. It's been a fun year, so far.

Nives said...

This is so cool!!!

Brenda Perez said...

Yes! you got it with no problem.
I told my neighbors daughter who made mine how much people liked them and gave her your address and asked her to make you one too. I give her an unused postcard that she uses as a size template, but she doesn't use it inside this. This is ALL tape :D