Monday, February 3, 2014

Ice Fishing

This postcard depicts people ice fishing in Michigan.

Apparently, this is not an urban legend. It is something that people really do, and not just in Michigan.....

 ....Recently, I spotted people and vehicles way, way out on the surface of a frozen lake in Vermont. It didn't look like they were playing hockey, so I assume it has something to do with fishing.

First time I have ever seen anything like that!


Brenda Perez said...

I went ice fishing when I was a kid. My dad still goes every year and loves it.

ONeal said...

Oh, that's right. You're a Wisconsin native! Plenty of frozen lakes up there in the wintertime.

Cari said...

Heck yeah, people ice fish here all the time. Some deck out their ice shanties all fancy like others do their deer hunting shanties. They seem to really dig it. I've never done it myself.

Did you try your luck?

ONeal said...

You mean like with streamers and balloons? :)
Noooo, I don't fish or hunt. Was just a drive-by sighting.