Thursday, July 14, 2011

Texas Waffle

Literally. A waffle in the shape of the state of Texas!
I was gonna take it home as a souvenir, but I ate it instead.
Blueberry flavored.
Mmmmmmm good.
Texas burp.


Nives said...

Mmmm. Yum. :)

Kendra said...

We're having Illinois shaped watermelon tomorrow, too bad you can't come by:)

Cari Lin said...

Ha! I love food art. I'm sort of surprised by how small it looks though. I thought Texan's like everything BIG!

Cari Lin said...

PS. Texas Burp: Nice. Classy. : )

O'Neal said...

Texans are very prideful people. (I know this because John Travolta said so in Urban Cowboy.) I sure hope they don't see your comment dissing their waffles!

PS. I can read your mind. You were thinking "what a classhole!", weren't you? : )