Saturday, July 16, 2011

Zagreb By Night Postcard

 After visiting each other's blogs for a long time, Nives and I finally traded cards with each other.
She did a fine job of choosing this unusual and amusing night view of Zagreb, Croatia, for me. Odd and funny cards are amongst my favorite topics.

This cute, little puffy heart sticker was on the back side, along with a cool black stamp, which matched the card perfectly.
Thanks very much, Nives!

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Nives said...

I'm really happy you like this postcard! :) And it's so cool that the stamp matches!! (I rarely get to see the stamps on my outgoing mail as I bring everything to the post office and they do all the "work" ;) )

I'm sad to see that the second one still hasn't arrived. That sucks big time. :(

PS - Thanks for linking this post to my blog! :)