Sunday, August 21, 2011

3-D Cactus Flower Postcard!

     As if sending me a cheesy postcard wasn't enough, my sweet GG followed up a few days later with this oh-so-cool 3-D cactus flower postcard! (Disclaimer: don't stare at it too long, it will mess up your eyes.)
     A still photo doesn't do it justice. So, for your viewing pleasure, I have created a nearly Oscar-worthy mini-movie to better share this very cool postcard! ; )
     Background noise music courtesy of the Singing Cicadas of Illinois.

Awwww,  love this stamp, GG : )


GG said...

Ok, that made me dizzy. But also made me not crave the cheese anymore, so strange ; ) Dear Sweet BB, if it was Oscar worthy, I don't think it would have made me dizzy, just saying! Oh and I still say HOLOGRAPHIC. Good thing we can agree to disagree! I know that you love all God's creatures, even the cicadas. Even though they drive you crazy at times (not far to drive right Sweetie) : ) : )

O'Neal said...

I don't know where to even begin to reply to all of that. So, I'll just say nice zinger at the end there, and leave it at that : )
Love back.

GG said...

OH MY GOSH, did I honestly make you speachless! My work here is done ; ) Actually, I love listening to you talk. And I miss you tonight.
Mucho Love

Cari said...

I'd leave a better comment, but I fear your wobbly-woo video has put me under hypnosis.