Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Heart My Heart Cheese Postcard

 Amongst my top favorite kinds of postcards are ones that are unique/unusual. This sweet little cheesy gem came from none other than my dear GG. Love it!

<------Dog stamp! Two thumbs up!


GG said...

So happy you like it, I know you love hearts too : ) And dogs, love love love dogs! Now I'm craving cheese : ) "This sweet little cheesy gem" so cute!

O'Neal said...

Craving cheese, eh? I bet you could whip up a batch of cheese cookies in no time!

The Traveler said...

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GG said...

Cheese cookies? For you I would try it : ) If you eat to many and they constipate you though, don't blame me!

Nives said...

Oh, I just saw this cheese postcard. Yummy!! :D