Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Gifts


I am breaking away from postcards and road trip pictures to show off this ultra-cool handmade, weaved basket made of recycled newspaper that my dear, sweet GG sent to me. It was filled with mystery gifts for me and my doggies.





A 12-pack of beautiful mountain postcards, Jelly Belly jelly beans, giant heart-shaped cookie, bottle of Crazy Bananas candy, 2 different kinds of dog treats, SweetTart Hearts candy, and 2 rolls of Neccos!

My dentist and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You're the best, GG!!   : )


GG said...

Why yes, yes I am the best ; ) Awwwww, very sweet post BB, you know I think you are the BEST too! Now I feel guilty for eating your 3rd roll of neccos, LOL. I loved every second of putting together your surprises : )

annienz said...

Your GG seems like the best kind of pal ever!!!

I'd really like to know how that basket was made - it really looks cool.