Sunday, March 7, 2010

Official Postcrossing Postcard US-623251


Ha ha! More humor from the great state of Alaska. Big thanks to Marianne (MDeHart).  The back says: "We are seeking outdoor enthusiasts to pursue and adventure in the Alaskan Wilderness. No need to apply, just show up! Slow individuals preferred! No weapons or repellents please. Don't delay--Hibernation will be here soon." 


GG said...

Slow individuals preferred, I have the perfect person for this ; )

oneal629 said...

I think I know this perfect person of which you speak, and he is, indeed, perfect. By the way, haven't you heard? Slow is the new fast.

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! That is a great card too!!

GG said...

Oh perfection is so highly overrated : ) And slow is still well... slow : ) Mmmmm chic o sticks are good so is Japanese candy.