Saturday, March 27, 2010

This is Not Baseball

I'm not familiar with this particular sport, I just know it's not baseball. Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

They're wearing winter clothes, snow on the surrounding ground (picture taken early March).

Being played on a smaller-than-tennis court, using a paddle/racquet of some sort.
It's fun watching other people get exercise!


GG said...

I think you should have joined them : )

9teen87 said...

It's called Paddle Tennis :D

and in Wisconsin (I grew up at the very top of the state) it seams like there is snow on the ground year round. ugg - that's why I moved to Florida when I was 19

O'Neal said...

Thanks for the info, Brenda! I still remember being out in the cold, watching them play, wondering what it was called. :)

Florida: good choice!