Monday, April 12, 2010

Official Postcrossing Postcard DE-564476


A very lovely Spring-time photo of daffodils from Germany, taken by Dani the sender. It was affixed to pale yellow cardstock.






An interesting stamp that I've not seen before.

Thanks very much, Dani!


GG said...

I love when the daffodils start to bloom,they are so beautiful. And they have no ugly parts ; )

annienz said...

Nice to be reminded of Spring on a rainy autumn day!!

I got a snowdrop postcard/photo taken by a Belguim Postcrosser today, which was a nice spring reminder too.

oneal629 said...

The card sounds very pretty. I really like photo cards taken by the sender him/herself. I've received a few.
Even though it's officially Spring, during this latest road trip, I still saw plenty of snow along the way.