Saturday, May 1, 2010

Buford, Wyoming USA


A road trip 1-photo photo op!

Buford, Wyoming

*Established 1866

*Nation's smallest town. Zip code 82052

*Highest town between New York City & San Francisco on I-80

*Current population: 1


GG said...

I'm moving to Buford!

Erika Jean said...

I've been there!! Road tripped from OH to CA and stopped there for gas... and fell on my ass! It's a long hilarious story - it would win me the 10,000 prize on funniest videos!

oneal629 said...

GG, if you do move there, be sure to slap a "2" on that sign.

Erika Jean, that's cool that you have been there, too! I'm sorry you fell, well, maybe I'm not sorry since it was hilarious. LOL
You can never have too many funny memories:)

Anonymous said...

Well, you dodn't expect to get away with not telling the WHOLE story now, do you Erika?
Come on now - 'fess up!!!

GG said...

Changing it to a 3!