Sunday, May 23, 2010

Postcards from Washington USA

Snoqualmie Falls WA

More goodies from dear, sweet GG!

This card got beat up in transit, but it's still a beautiful black & white picture of Snoqualmie Falls, Washington.










Lake Crescent, Washington.

Yes, GG, I think that "you DO have to" go there some day : )







The Beach Basket Christmas Shop in Gig Harbor, Washington.

Patiently waiting for my ornament. You DID get me an ornament, didn't you??





Matterhorn in Switzerland, NOT  Washington!  I bet this one cost you a fortune, didn't it, GG?









Cool stamps!


Erika Jean said...

Love the Lake Crescent, Washington postcard!

I've used a couple of those stamps myself ;-)

GG said...

Why yes, yes it DID cost me a fortune! First there was the flight to Switzerland. Then the tour guide to get me to the Matterhorn of course. Then the expensive camera to get JUST the right photo to put on your card.
You are so worth it though : )
Let's see...
Trip to Switzerland $2000
Tour Guide $500
New Camera $300
Feeling in your heart when you received this amazing postcard from moi, Priceless!!!