Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan

On a recent trip to Detroit, I headed to Ford Field to take some pictures and maybe find some stadium postcards. There it is...I see it...just beyond the....marching band?!

For some strange reason, marching bands have the right of way.

This is as close as I could get, because of blocked streets and heavy traffic. I gave up on my Ford Field excursion.

I, then, sort of became part of the marching band procession. It was fun, sort of.

Until they made a left turn, and I kept going straight.

 I settled for a picture of this funky highway overpass.

And this really, really, really big tire.
Then, I drove back home to Illinois.


Cari Lin said...

Interesting. Was there just the one marching band?

Did you smile and wave at people on the curb while you were part of the procession? Because I think that is like a law or something.

I think it might have been the weekend of the high school football state championships. They all play at the big field. Not sure though.

Bummer you missed out on seeing the stadium. You can always come back on a non-marching band day. You might want to check your calendar first.

O'Neal said...

I think there were other bands, not sure though. I was so busy being part of MY band, that I barely noticed anything else.

I DID wave! I opened up the sun roof, stuck out my handy dandy long-handled bamboo back scratcher with the creepy hand on the end of it, and waved like a mad man!

Obviously, I don't have a marching band calendar or I wouldn't have had this problem in the first place. If you're hoarding them all, cough one up.