Friday, December 10, 2010

2011 Kaj Stenvall Calendar!

I recently received this awesomely cool calendar from Jaana in Finland.

It's going to be a fun year ahead with all these funky duck images staring at me above my desk.

A photo of Kaj Stenvall himself graces the first page.
October, November and December 2010 are included, so I'm using it already!

Well, at least I am trying to use it. Takes some getting used to when the first day of the week is Monday instead of Sunday.

She also included this nifty KS greeting card.
Thanks very, very much, Jaana, for this terrific gift!


Cari Lin said...

What a perfect gift for you! Does it happen to list parade schedules? : )

O'Neal said...

Oddly, there were no USA parades listed on a calendar from Finland.

AunteyM said...

I am just insanely jealous of this gift!!! How do I get to know this person? LOL! Really like your site - have added to my links!
MichelleW - Dallas

O'Neal said...

Hi Michelle, yes, it's a cool calendar. I'm pretty sure I got the last one printed, so I think you're outta luck! ;) And THANKS for liking my blog!