Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Greetings from Finland

"Happy Easter!" from my friend, Jaana.

Such unique and fun stamps!

AND...she sent another terrific and funny Kaj Stenvall postcard. This one is titled "When The Shit Hits My Biggest Fan".  LOL

Thanks so much, Jaana!


Cari Lin said...

That last card sure is interesting. I had to take a closer look to tell what was going on. I'm still not too sure. : )

O'Neal said...

Congrats! You are now an official member of the official Kaj Stenvall Head Scratchers Club. Sometimes, I don't "get it", either. But I love when Mr. Duck is pissed off about something!

Anyway, this one is pretty easy....the big fan has been shitified. It's there, I saw it. The shit, that is. And, Mr. Duck has been spewed the shit....that hit the big fan.

I'm exhausted from explaining this to you. Don't make me do it again : )

Cari Lin said...

Oh yes, I see it all so clearly now!