Monday, April 25, 2011

Golden Monkeys

Awesome card from Twentyajax in China. From the note she wrote, they are protected wildlife in China, and it sounds like they will steal food from passersby. Ha! I would like to see that!
Thank you very much, Twenty. 

Matching stamp!


Cari Lin said...

So suave to have a matching stamp! I hope I'm that put together with my mail one day.

twenty said...

Oh,it seems has crease on it:(
Has the card demaged when it arrived at you?

O'Neal said...

Awww twenty, please don't feel bad about it. Yes, it was like that when it arrived. But it's still terrific, because when a card gets a little torn, bent or scuffed up, it's a reminder of how far it had to travel, and what it had to go through, to get here :)

twenty said...

Yes, as you said, we like to see it flies coast to coast, mountain to mountain, and arrive at hands at last, that's an exclusive feature of postcard. But still, I hope it in a good shape... Recently I got a postcard from Romania, it's not only damaged but also the stamp was disappeared, oh ,what a pity:(

O'Neal said...

twenty: That's a shame about your card from Romania...the Golden monkey card is just fine. No worries. It's one of my favorite animal postcards!