Friday, April 8, 2011


My duties as a professional license plate reader:

1. Observe and read license plate.

2. Evaluate humor/cleverness content.

3. If humor/cleverness content meets or exceeds minimum requirements, post on blog.

(Ha ha! Loved this one.)


Cari Lin said...

I like these people already, even if their humor is a little camp.

Nice find.

O'Neal said...

Camp....I get it! Ha ha!

They potentially had another nifty plate on the RV itself, but they were driving so frickin' fast I couldn't catch up. I only managed to see the last 4 letters, which were "BABY".

Cari Lin said...

Hmm.. One would that with a title like "Professional License Plate Reader" one would have managed to see the whole plate. : )

Cari Lin said...

Oops. I meant: one would THINK that with a title...

O'Neal said...

Well, yeah, you do have a point. But, it's a part-time gig, so I only read part of the plate!