Thursday, September 29, 2011

2 Kaj Stenvall Postcards

This one is titled "It Doesn't Look Good".  Some of these KS cards I just don't "get", but this one I do!

Jaana, thanks so much for all of the KS cards that you've sent!

Another fun sticker, and clever mailbox stamp.

So, for every KS card that I think I DO "get", there's another one that I DON'T "get", and this is one of those DON'T "get" it cards. It's titled "Everybody Hates Tourists Here". No clue.

Thanks, again, Jaana!

I like the blue theme going on here with the colors of the card, sticker and stamp!


STUFFellaneous said...

I'm new here, what is a KS card? Thanks!

O'Neal said...

Welcome, STUFF!
Ooops, sorry. "KS" is an abbreviation of an abbreviation : ) I just always use "KS" for Kaj Stenvall. I should have used "K.S." instead.