Sunday, October 23, 2011

Friona, Texas USA

A special post for dear GG.
I enjoyed my brief visit at the home of Bigfoot. No, not THE Bigfoot, but A bigfoot : )

 Oh, looky! Another Friona sign. It just doesn't get any better than this!

Wow! A 3rd Friona sign! It DOES get better, afterall!

This is one proud little biggest small town city from the Lone Star State!

And finally, my very own lucky Friona penny.
I disinfected and sanitized it, because you just never know where that penny has been!


Cari said...

Friona is really proud of being Friona! How are you feeling after touching that penny? : )

GG said...

Awwwwww, you know that I love this post. And I love that you love Friona, it's a pretty special place ; ) They have great signs, and who knew they were the official cheesebruger capital of Texas! You already know my comments about the penny, so we will just keep those between us, lol.

nightowl84 said...

Yeah that's nice, but you're also in the home of the Texas Rangers and bringing the Cardinals bad luck. GO CARDS!!

twenty said...

Hi O'Neal

Happy Thanksgiving day!
Willing you baking your own turkey at home?

Manuela said...

Hello there! I found your blog's adress on Forum Postcrossing and I am now your follower! Feel free to visit my blog at
I love all your pics on the blog and so on so keep it going! HUGS^^

Cari said...

Dude, I'm getting worried here.

First you touched that Friona penny with your bare hands, and now you are MIA...

O'Neal said...

Cari: That penny had some bad mojo, apparently. No worries, I bounced back. Thanks for your concern!

Twenty: Hey you! Thanks for the happy Thanksgiving wishes. I didn't have turkey though, I'm a vegetarian.

Manuela: Thanks for stopping by!

nightowl84: Dork...bad luck, really?!

GG: Yes, it was nice to visit there again.