Monday, October 3, 2011

Outgoing St. Louis Arch Postcards

Klaus in Germany has an unusual, cryptic, mysterious, poetic profile, so I chose this sort of mysterious foggy view of the Arch in St. Louis to send. Plus, he's already sent and received over 2,000 official cards, so finding something new to send him was a bit of a challenge.

I bet he didn't already have this exact group of stamps on any of his 2,000+ cards.

Kristin in Washington state had listed lightning as one of her likes.

Elina in Latvia said in her profile that all postcards were welcome, but handmade ones were appreciated. I am so gonna try to make some handmade cards... maybe.... someday....... possibly... as soon as I find a construction paper, glitter and glue store.

Amazing stamps!

Olga in Russia was open to any kind of card, so off it went.

Compared to the previous amazing stamps, these are on the boring side. And even the Arch picture isn't all that great. I must have been in a bad mood or something, that day.

And finally, this beautiful sunset view of the Arch and the St. Louis skyline was sent to Nives in Croatia, a fellow postcard blogger, and eater of a really delicious looking cake called "kremsnita" : )

And now, the last set of stamps. I'm looking forward to seeing who the first "living" people will be on US stamps, now that the USPS changed the rules about the people not having to be dead for at least 5 years before they can show up on a stamp.

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