Saturday, December 31, 2011

Uh Oh Florida Postcard

This very funny postcard was sent to me by Brenda in Florida, USA, this past summer. It is now winter. I'm a tad bit late in posting.

It still makes me chuckle every time I read it :)
Many thanks, Brenda!


STUFFellaneous said...

Indeed very funny! Happy New Year!

GG said...

I put all my beach glass from you from Florida in a jar today, and started making a wreath with the shells you picked up for me. I miss you.

O'Neal said...

Hey GG!! What's the latest on the wreath? Is it done yet? Is it? Huh? Is it??
And what about your Christmas tree, is it taken down yet? Is it? Well, IS IT??
By the way, I prefer the term "sea glass", not "beach glass"!
Do you miss me NOW? Do you? Well, DO YOU?? ; )

GG said...

Hey BB, as you know I am having some technical difficulties with the wreath. And I have also been VERY preoccupied ; ) But do NOT despair, it WILL be a wreath and you will see it soon : )
The Christmas tree is MOSTLY down, once again, I have been very preocupied. Hmmmm wonder why ; ) And I am standing by my Beach Glass!!! LOL. By the way, what do you call a person jumping over a chicken???

9teen87 said...

answer to comment above this one:
I would call a person jumping over a chicken first in line to get across the road! hahaha

O'Neal said...

And, finally, 11 months after the question was asked, we have the answer! LOL