Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MJ Fan or Astronaut?

Vanity plates always catch my eye. So, this one got me wondering is the driver trying to say that he/she is a Michael Jackson fan or that he/she is an astronaut?

 Here's a closer look at the plate. It says "MUN-WLK"...."moon walk"....hmmmm.


Ahhh! The license plate frame solves the mystery. It says "Long Live The King of Pop". And even has a little white glove on it. Michael Jackson fan all the way.

I wish all vanity plates were this easy to figure out.


Cari said...

Your detective skills are amazing, Chief. (Is it alright if I call you Chief for short, rather than the full Super Chief?) Cool spotting!

O'Neal said...

Hey, thanks! Vanity plate spotting is one of the many fringes of the job. I saw "LOC DOC" yesterday. Thinking locksmith on that one....LOL Chief works. I answer to most anything.

Kendra said...

You're getting all techy with the arrows. I'm impressed.:)

O'Neal said...

Kendra, are you impressed with the zoom, too? It's great! I love it! Tell John "thanks again" for me, please.