Friday, January 20, 2012

Outgoing World's Largest Rocking Chair Postcard

This little beauty went to lucky Sha in South Dakota USA. In her profile, she mentioned that she likes handmade cards, too. But that wasn't happening. So, what else do you send to someone who already has 600+ postcards? This one, of course!

  I know, I know, kinda boring stamps...but look how neatly placed they are!


STUFFellaneous said...

Awesome card! My family (mother & brother) have long dreamed of traveling Route 66 in an old Corvette ('66 of course).

O'Neal said...

That would be a cool trip, even if it's in a regular ol' non-'66 Corvette car. I hope they do. It's never too late!

Cari said...

Cool sighting but, I wonder, does it really rock? Did you try it out?

No comment about the stamps.

O'Neal said...

Cari, it did actually rock for the purpose of videotaping it to submit to Guiness for certification. But, is now permanently welded in a stationary position for safety reasons.

Did I try it out? No, you first!

No stamps comment = sad day in blogland.

Cari said...

No, no, my "no comment" wasn't a reflection on your stamps it was because of my own lameness in the stamp area. I hardly thought I was fit for commenting. :)

O'Neal said...

Oh, that's right! I remember commenting about your stamp lameness on your blog. Somebody had to step up and do it. :)