Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wild Turkey Sighting

I absolutely LOVE spotting wild life, especially when it's in my own backyard! This lovely wild turkey has been hanging around my property for months.



 Each time I have noticed her pecking at bird seed on the ground, there are always squirrels scurrying around waiting their turn.

There's a gray squirrel on the side of the tree, patiently waiting it's turn.


So glad that I have a camera with a decent zoom lens now!

Off she goes, again, for a walk in the woods.


Cari said...

Oh she's beautiful!! You MUST name her!!! How fun!!

Apparently, I'm really into exclamation points today!!!

Kendra said...

I've gotten glimpses of Miss Turkey too.
P.S. I didn't know you were using your blog again. I will tell Josh.:)

O'Neal said...

Cari, LOL, good thing exclamation points are free!
A few weeks ago, the turkey was named Jax, initially, but then changed to a more female name. However, I can't recall exactly what it was. So, Jax it is.

Kendra, well, no wonder, you've been a busy gal this month! :)

Anonymous said...