Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pepsi Postcard and a Squished Penny

Donia in South Dakota USA, likes vintage looking ads. Did I nail this one or what?!  She also LOVES squished pennies and said it would be AMAZING to get a penny along with the card. AMAZINGLY, I had squished pennies, too!! So, I taped one to the back of the card and mailed it off.  I had my doubts, but AMAZINGLY, it made it to her all in one piece!

Here's the penny.
It's from the historic Ohio State Reformatory, which is now a museum. A haunted museum. It's a happening place, with lots of tours, ghost events, private social events, banquets, etc. The day that I visited, there was an old-time baseball game being played out on the grounds, the teams were wearing vintage-type uniforms.
Parts of the movie, "The Shawshank Redemption", were filmed there.


Cari said...

You just happened to have a squished penny on hand. Now that is quite a coincidence! I imagine your house would be the motherload for any child out on a scavenger hunt.

O'Neal said...

It really WAS quite a coincidence! Whenever I come across a penny squishing machine on the road, I usually pop some pennies in and start squishing!

As for the scavenger hunts, they would be over pretty quickly, because other than having lots of postcards and squished pennies laying around, I'm severely anti-clutter. :)