Thursday, March 29, 2012

Horses in Wyoming

Not only did I see llamas in Wyoming on a recent trip, I saw horses, lots of horses. I, actually, was at this spot to view a historic site, but then these particular horses moseyed over to me while I was taking pictures.

At this point, I'm thinking "oh crap" they're not coming closer to have their pictures taken, they want food, or at least a snack.

Suddenly, it dawned on me that I had some apples!

Well, maybe I was wrong about this one wanting food, I named her "Blondie", she seemed to be striking a pose.

But then, after Blondie finished posing, she gave me this look, as if to say "we know you have apples, cough 'em up, buddy".

So, after they finished eating my apples. They just stared at me. Not sure if they were saying "Thanks, those apples were yummy!" or "What's next?" or both?!

I did manage to take pictures of the historic landmark, too. There it is in the background. It's called Devil's Gate. I'll get to that, eventually, in another post.

I guess that barbed wire didn't bother Blondie's throat at all.

I named this one "Bashful". She had no desire to let me pet her, even after she ate one of my apples.

Blondie, on the other hand, was loving all the head and neck rubs.
Sadly, I had to leave and continue on my journey. But, I thoroughly enjoyed spending a few minutes, up close and personal, with the horses in Wyoming. : )


Nives said...

Wow, the horses seem beautiful! I have a friend who works with horses - she would LOVE them!

O'Neal said...

How lucky your friend is to be able to work with horses! Yes, they truly were beautiful and friendly.

Kendra said...

Where did my comment go? Trying again. Love:)