Thursday, March 15, 2012

John Muir Wood Sculpture

Yesterday, I tracked down this big fella in Visalia, California. It's a wood sculpture of John Muir. It looks to be about 10 feet/ 3 meters in height. Very impressive!

John Muir was a naturalist, author and early advocate for preservation of wilderness in the United States. He's also the founder of Sierra Club, and considered to be the "Father of National Parks". And he's got a boatload of stuff named after him.

The sculptor is R. L. Blair. On his web site, he says that he's been carving for the past 35 years, and is self-taught. Extremely talented guy!


Nives said...

This is such a cool thing. I don't think we have such interesting stuff around here! Btw. I really like all the photos, but I must say - the closeup of his face is my fav! :D

Kendra said...

I see a resemblance.:)