Monday, March 19, 2012

Outgoing Buckin' Horse Postcard

Back in January, (I think I'm stuck in "back in January" mode right now), I sent this spunky horse to Alena in United Kingdom.
When I read this part of her wish list in her profile:
"Horses, running horse, leaping horses, walking horses, laughing horses, angry horses - any horses ... No other animals, please."....
...I knew the exact card I was going to send.

I was happy to read that Alena is a dog lover, too.


Cari said...

Normally, a card of a horse's butt might not go over too well. Butt (ha, ha...) it sounds like Alena will actually enjoy this card. Nice find!

O'Neal said...

LOL well, considering how descriptive she was regarding what kind of horses she wanted, I thought it would be PERFECT. After she received it, part of her message to me said "I sure don't have one like that :)", which made me laugh.

Cari said...