Saturday, March 10, 2012

Outgoing Orcas, Beatles & Limp Bizkit Postcards

I regularly swap cards with Jaana in Finland. She had sent me an Angry Bird card recently, and I sent her this Orca whales postcard.

The back of the card said "Orca whales traveling in a pod along the Pacific coast".

The Fab Four went to Tanya in Russia. I had totally forgotten about it, probably because it was traveling for 45 days.

This Limp Bizkit card went to Anneloes and Ingmar in Netherlands. Ingmar plays in 2 bands, and they both love rock music.


Marina said...

Beatles card and Presley stamp?? I am in love :)

Cari said...

Really awesome set of stamps on the Limp Bizkit card, well except for that Elizabeth Blackwell one. I felt like I was watching Sesame Street for a minute there: Sing along with me: "One of these things is not like the other.."

O'Neal said...

Marina, it's amazing to me how popular the Beatles and Elvis Presley still are these days.

Cari, ha ha! Elizabeth does look a little bit out of place, I agree.