Sunday, March 4, 2012

Zadar, Croatia Postcard

This fun card was sent by Nives in Croatia. It sure did make me smile when I came home to find it waiting for me after a long week on the road.

She said that Zadar is a town on Croatia's Adriatic Sea. It looks beautiful.

As unusually shaped as the card is, hard to believe it arrived with no rips or tears at all, only a few slightly bent edges!

And here's something else to smile about... NO black stamp! Turns out that Croatia DOES have other stamps besides the popular "black" stamp! Ha ha!

I like that it has a nice crisp, legible postmark on it.

Thanks very much, Nives!

1 comment:

Nives said...

No way!!! No black stamp?! I'm shocked. Honestly. :)