Saturday, April 7, 2012

Goli otok Postcard

BIG THANKS to Nives in Croatia for this multi-view postcard of Goli otok. I don't think she thought I would find it all that interesting, but after reading her comments about it, plus reading about it on Wikipedia and also here: Hell in tourists paradise, I found it to be fascinating, and educational, too.

The focal point of the postcard, however, really turned out to be these colorful and very cute cat stamps! They were quite a surprise and a nice change from the black stamp that Nives' local post office seemed intent on using on all of her postcards! : )


Nives said...

Oh, yay! It seems that it has traveled well, got to you with no tears anywhere. :)
I really love these stamps. My local post office still uses black ones though. :)

O'Neal said...

Yes, it arrived in great condition. :) Ha! Your local post office sounds like mine...a bunch of fuddy duddies....must be a universal thing!

Employment Posters said...

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