Thursday, April 26, 2012

Midland, Texas USA

Just a sign that I rolled past yesterday in hot, hot, hot Texas. One of those little "Ah, I did not know that" moments.
And then, one of those "I wonder if they still live there" moments.
And then, one of those "I'm pretty sure they still live somewhere in Texas" moments.
And then, one of those "Dang it, I must look it up now or it will bug me all day" moments.
And then, one of those "Ok, so they live in the Dallas area now. Thank you, Google!" moments.  : )

This is what I mean by "hot, hot, hot". It got as high as 107F, at one point. (40-42C)....and it's only April!


gerda said...

WOW!! Sooo hot... Here in Belgium it's too cold for the time of the year, about 10C rainy and windy...

Nives said...

Hot weather = happiness!!
[not as hot here in Zagreb, we only have some 25°C/77°F. Temperature, RISE NOW!!!]

Isn't it a bit funny how the town's name is written in a smaller size than the words "President George W. Bush & Laura Bush"? ;)

O'Neal said...

Hi gerda! That 10C sounds great to me. I'll take cool temperatures over hot temperatures ANY day of the year.

Nives, be careful what you wish for...all the chocolate in town might melt if it gets too hot!

O'Neal said...

Oh shoot, forgot to add...I did not even notice the difference in size, as you pointed out. That is interesting...I guess being a former President, he does deserve BIG letters. :)

Nives said...

Melted chocolate is still chocolate. :)
Did it get any cooler at your place? We're still near 30C! It feels like summer for sure, even though it's only May. :D

O'Neal said...

Nives: "Melted chocolate is still chocolate" Ha! Touche!
They're still having spells of 100+F/38+C temperatures in Texas. Glad I got out of there. Here at home, in Illinois, it's about the same as what you're having there.