Saturday, May 26, 2012

Paris Postcard

Daniel in France sent me this gorgeous card of the Pont Alexandre III bridge, which spans the Seine. It is widely regarded to be the most ornate and extravagant of the 37 bridges in Paris.

 The envelope had these two beautiful first-day-of-issue stamps of Joan of Arc. Very nice!
Thanks very much, Daniel.


GG said...

All I can think about when I read this post is channeling my inner Elton John and singing "Daniel my brother you are older than me, do you still feel the pain" : ) You're welcome.
Daniels Sister

O'Neal said...

Are those the words, really? Don't make me look it up, I'm tired.
Love back.

GG said...

Dear BB,
You must look it up and keep your brain active, it keeps you young ; )