Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wind-dried Laundy

While in Arcola, Illinois, recently, I spotted this pleasant springtime scene of laundry on the line blowing in the wind in someone's backyard. Nothing beats the smell of fresh air-dried laundry!


Cari said...

This is awesome! Laundry yard art is one of my most favorite things. Nice find.

Nives said...

I agree.
Unless, of course, you live in the city. Any attempt to air-dry your laundry results in rather nasty smelling clothes. :)

GG said...

Yes, air dried laundry smells so good, but other smells do beat it. Like COFFEE, COFFEE and COFFEE : ) Oh and babies when they have a bath, heaven. Oh and Peonies, beautiful peonies. Oh and the air right after it rains. Oh and lilacs, LOVE the smell of lilacs. Oh and cookies baking in the oven. Oh and.... well you get the idea : )