Thursday, August 23, 2012

FREE Photo Postcards from Touchnote via Facebook

I just found out about this great promotion because of the mystery postcard that I received yesterday. Touchnote is offering FREE photo postcards via their Facebook app for a limited time ( through Sept. 9th, from what I read). It's being sponsored by Samsung. Check it out....and then....send me a postcard!


Nives said...

I just saw this. Did you get any of those Touchnote postcards?! How do you like them? I got one last month and I find it rather nice, but kind of impersonal. Mixed emotions, I guess.

O'Neal said...

Nives, yes, I got one such card. Then, I sent a couple to myself just to see if it was legit. Turns out that it was legit, and free, too. I feel as you do, impersonal as far as the imprinted address and note, but it makes for a nice laminated-type custom photo that could be sent to someone on the spot, which makes it a very unique keepsake.