Saturday, August 18, 2012

Outgoing Hell, Michigan Postcard

This is the brand new, in-perfect-condition postcard that I picked out to send to Nives in Croatia.

This is what it looked like after it went through Hell and was delivered to her! It had a burn mark on it. Ha ha!

It had some really fun postmarks on it, too. Check out her postcard blog to see them.


PostMuse said...

A few years ago we sent 100 postcards from Hell, and they got lots more burnt! But it was soooo much fun to see them! I even brought a piece of mailart to mail to myself from Hell. It was a design I created for my dream coffeehouse ... Snowball's Chance. That one was even burned!

Nives said...

Thank you for linking the post to my blog! :) I swear, I love this postcard! :D :D

O'Neal said...

Post Muse: "Snowball's Chance", LOL. Love the name! 100 cards, wow! And great idea to mail a card to yourself. I think I will do that, too. :)

Nives: You're very welcome. And I'm very glad that you are enjoying the card! :)