Sunday, September 30, 2012

Seahorse Postcard

Guess who sent this wonderful seahorse postcard? Nives! That's who!  Months ago, she had mailed another one just like it, but unfortunately, it took a detour and never arrived.

Now, as we all know, seahorse postcards are a rare thing, especially in Croatia. So, when she happened to find yet another seahorse postcard, she kindly sent it to me again.

Operation Seahorse Replacement Postcard successful!
Thanks very much, Nives, for being so persistent :)


Nives said...

Haha! How could I not mail it to you!? I'm so happy this one reached you! I don't know what I would do if it went missing as well.
You are very welcome, of course! ;)

O'Neal said...

If it had gone missing again, I'm guessing that you would have gone scuba diving and taken a photo of the seahorses yourself, and then sent it a 3rd time. Am I right??

agi said...

as another croatian i can confirm this IS really rare! :)