Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bottle-shaped Postcard From Croatia

I love all postcards, but it was a whole lotta fun finding a card like this in my mailbox not too long ago! And how appropriate that the beautiful Malinska photo is of boats! (You know, like a ship in a bottle?)

Sending another big bottle-shaped thank you to Nives for this terrific card, and for making sure that the post office put a nice, big, clearly legible postmark on the stamp. : )


Nives said...

It's really a good thing that there are no tears on the postcard! Or at least I can't see any. I always worry that these shaped postcards might get stuck somewhere and tear/break/bend. :)
Glad you enjoy it. :)

O'Neal said...

Other than a slight bend across the cork, it arrived in excellent condition!