Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gum Wall, Seattle, Washington USA

 This is a postcard of the Gum Wall in Seattle, Washington.

The Gum Wall is real gum, lots and lots of gum...already chewed gum ....stuck on a wall .....in an alley ....near Pike Place Market ....in Seattle.

It may repulse you, or it may fascinate you, or it may do a little of both. But it's as real as can be. I know this, because I paid a visit recently!

And I took pictures of it. Yes, I did!!

It's in this alley, down there on the left.

Found it!

So much color and texture. ;)

And creativity.

Keep scrolling, there's more.

It just keeps going, even engulfing the entrance to the Market Theater.

I read that it's one of the germiest attractions in the world, right up there with the Blarney Stone in Ireland! 
Be proud, Seattle! :)


Maggie said...

Ugh, the gum wall, so gross!! :)
But it's a mere 1-minute walk from the best place to buy postcards in Seattle. :)

O'Neal said...

Maggie, yes the "gross" word fits. LOL

I found lots of shops at Pike Place Market to feed my postcard buying frenzy. I hope that's "the best place" to which you refer. Otherwise, I'd hate to have missed it! :)

Maggie said...

Oh yes, there are many shops at the market in which to spend one's entire postcard budget and then some. LOL. But my favorite place of all is First & Pike News; I hope you were able to get some there. :)

GG said...

You knew it was real because I told you about it and sent you photos of it including my piece of gum left behind, remember?

ONeal said...

Maggie: First & Pike News, guessing that's the place out front with all the magazines? I'm pretty sure I bought a handful of cards from just about every shop that had some for sale!

If you're ever looking for odd/bizarre cards, check out Left Bank Books, 92 Pike St.

And if you're ever just looking for laughs, check out the guy running a little book store on the lower level of PPM. He cracked me up with his humming, singing and out loud comments to customers.

GG: I had no doubt it was real, and yes, I remember. I just wanted to see it for myself. :)

Maggie said...

I love that guy!! He always remembers me, and he's got Kurt Cobain cards, which I have never found elsewhere and are inexplicably popular (I've gotten at least 3 profiles for sending officials to lately where they wanted Nirvana cards).

Yep, I've shopped at Left Bank too. There's a tiny souvenir shop near Lowell's that has a bunch of map cards, and then there's always Golden Age for Marilyn Monroe, Simpsons, and the like.

Cari said...

Nice. But, did you add to the collection?

9teen87 said...

eww, I mean, how cool is that!, no, ewww, no, dang! I want to see that! I guess I have a few mixed emotions about this one. But yea, I'd stick some on the wall, then use some antibacterial wipes.

ONeal said...

Maggie: Yes! I got some of the "celebrity" cards from Golden Age, too. "Beatles" is a popular one on profiles, I've noticed.

Cari: No, I didn't add to it. I was gumless that day. How sad is that?!

Brenda: Ha ha!...It's a nice change from your garden variety graffiti; that's one way to look at it. :)