Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lenticular Clouds

First off, I LOVE clouds, all clouds, any kind of clouds!

This stunning postcard features not only a bright full moon, and majestic Mt. Rainier in Washington, but also, a great example of a smooth lenticular cloud.

They form at high altitude over mountains.

Living in the midwest part of the US, I don't routinely get to see mountains. But, whenever I travel to where there ARE mountains, I am thrilled!

A month ago, I was way, way beyond thrilled when I spotted this lenticular cloud formation over some mountains in Montana!

It looks like a tall stack of pancakes. If I hadn't already had breakfast, I would have gone straight to I.H.O.P to celebrate! :)


Nives said...

The postcard is beautiful!!
But the cloud... it really does look like a stack of pancakes! Which reminds me, did Santa bring you that pancake maker?! :)

ONeal said...

Santa let me down. No pancake maker this year. Can you believe it?!

Cari said...

Your photo is really awesome! Like, seriously awesome! I'm also very impressed with your cloud knowledge. We just learned the names for all the moon phases last summer. Maybe we'll have to work on clouds next.

Of course, that will have to wait until summer as Michigan's winter skies tend to be just one giant gray mass of clouds. No space in between anywhere. Maybe that's called Uni-cloud? Completo-cloud? :) Dude

ONeal said...

How did I miss this comment?? Better late, than never!

First, thanks! Second, ha ha! I can't believe you remember the cloud stuff from last year. Third, ha ha again. "uni-cloud", definitely uni-cloud! Fourth, was that a winter whine I detected? Stop it. No whining allowed on this blog. Except by me...about my missing pancake machine which is now residing in Finland.

ONeal said...

13 days later...Correction: moon stuff, not cloud stuff.