Thursday, December 6, 2012

Outgoing Alabama & Delaware Map Postcards

Earlier this year, (and since this is December, everything is earlier this year. Ha! I crack myself up.), I swapped a couple of cards with Adi in Croatia.

He picked out these two specific cards from my trade albums.
So, off they went!

Since he is also a stamp collector, I tried to match up the stamps with his favorite stamp topics.

Adi's blog nicely displays his ever growing postcard collection.

It's always fun to try to make the stamps an interesting part of the postcard, rather than just slapping on some random stamp(s).


9teen87 said...

hahaha! nice cards, I'm glad you crack yourself up! yes, I'm laughing out loud over here!

I agree about the stamps, but unless you have been collecting them for quite a while, it is hard to do.

O'Neal said...

That made me laugh all over again. LOL

Hey, I thought so, too. But a few years ago, I stumbled on an excellent source for obtaining a wide variety of older stamps. Will email you the info.