Thursday, January 24, 2013

World's 3rd Largest Fire Hydrant, Beaumont, Texas USA

I must say, it's pretty sneaky to paint a fire hydrant in Dalmatian camouflage. BUT, I managed to find it anyway! Yesterday, while in Beaumont, Texas, I had to pay a visit! Who wouldn't?

There were lots of normal-sized hydrants there, too, also decked out in matching Dalmatian camouflage.

All of the hydrants, both large and small, are located in this plaza, which is located directly across the street from the Fire Museum of Texas,

Also in the plaza is this nice little September 11 memorial.......

......and this statue of two firemen in action. A memorial for Texas firemen.

My visit was brief, but the warm, sunny weather of southern Texas helped to make it very enjoyable before I had to start heading back north to cold winter weather again!


9teen87 said...

at least one of those hydrants need a statue of a dog decorated like a red hydrant 'watering' it.

ONeal said...

That's so topsy turvy, it's funny! Ha ha!

Kendra said...

Welcome home!:)

Cari said...

Interesting theme for a town to adopt. I was going to make a witty comment about a dog... but I see someone beat me to it! :)

And, in unrelated news, I know you were disappointed about not getting your pancake maker for Christmas. Maybe you could make your own out of Lego's:

ONeal said...

Would you believe that the hydrant was originally constructed to promote the re-release of the animated "101 Dalmatians" movie? No? It's true!

What?? No witty comment!? Well, that sucks!

And, in an unrelated reply....the LEGO PancakeBot! What an AWESOME invention! It was fascinating watching the video. But, I'm holding out on ordering one until they figure out how to flip the pancakes. :)