Tuesday, February 19, 2013

17 Deer!

Oh yeah! 17! Not one, not two, but SEVENTEEN DEER!

 I spotted these beauties yesterday in Alton, Illinois. It was the highlight of my day!


Cari said...

That is awesome footage! Loved it.

Curious there was no snow on the ground. I'm living in about a foot of the stuff right now.

Kendra said...

If I see you with a box of deer poo in your hand any time soon, there's no way I will believe it's chocolate taffy.:)

ONeal said...

HA HA! I promise, no deer poo in the near future.

ONeal said...

Cari, thanks!
A foot of snow, huh? I bet you're hating it and counting the days until Spring. We haven't had much at all down here in the greater St. Louis, MO, area this year. HOWEVER, all is not lost! There's a "wintry mix" arriving tomorrow! (That's the trail mix of the meteorological world, in case you didn't know.)