Saturday, March 2, 2013

Wintry Postcards

I'm looking forward to spring, but I'm not really ready to let go of winter, either. So, this peaceful winter scene was timely. It was sent by Marion in Germany. I should probably keep it handy to look at in August when it's 100F in the shade.

Well, it was bound to happen. I think this is my first official Postcrossing Touchnote card. I'm torn on the Touchnote controversy. I got this one from Svyatoslav in Russia. I like the picture on the front, but nothing on the backside thrilled me.

Back side of Touchnote card.


Cari said...

Well, now you must inform those of us out of the loop: what is a Touchnote card? Is this different than a normal postcard?

Cari said...

PS. I've been meaning to say that I dig the new Postcards and Road Trips title photo. Very Zen. Kinda like this wintry tree postcard.

Sarah said...

I got a touchnote card a 3 months ago. It's the only postcard I didn't put on my blog. The picture was totally pixelated and it was send from my own country. Really weird...

ONeal said...

Out-of-the-loop-Cari, Touchnote is a service which will print and mail a postcard for you. They take orders via online or mobile app. You can choose to have one of your own photos printed or use one of their stock photos. Cost is $1.49 per card, which includes postage. The cards are very nice, glossy on both sides.

It's a very easy and convenient way to send a postcard to someone, but it's extremely impersonal. The message from the sender is printed on, the postage is a printed presort permit number, the recipient name and address is printed.

The card I posted did not come from Russia, with Russian stamps affixed to it; it was printed and mailed right here in the US.

And, thanks for letting me know you like the banner photo! I LOVE that one. It's cropped down, of course, but I took the original photo from an Amtrak train while going through Montana last November. Awesome cross-country trip!

gerda said...

I don't like them either...With sending "touchnote" postcards you never ever have the postcard in your own hands.
As you say, much more impersonal!

ONeal said...

Sarah, that sure was a crappy card for you to receive. That's yet another reason that using Touchnote cards as official Postcrossing cards is a bad idea.

ONeal said...

Gerda, right. I guess there are people out there, in general, who enjoy receiving the Touchnote cards. But, as for using them as "official" cards, it totally defeats the purpose of the Postcrossing project.

Cari said...

Oh, so the Touchtone cards are high-tech things. :)

Well, that seems very cool to use when staying in touch with friends and family. Not so cool for people who are requesting postcards to collect as a hobby. Seems like it would be rather important for collectors to get their Russian cards actually mailed from Russia, etc!!

A train trip across America sounds so awesome! Very retro and mellow. Also, seems like a great way to score some good photos. Dude

ONeal said...

O-O-T-L-Cari, yes high-tech. LOL Maybe someday your grocery store will offer a coupon for a free Touchnote card with purchase of boring Forever stamps. :)

Yeah, you nailed it on the best and worst ways to use the Touchnote cards.

The train trip was totally relaxing, beautiful scenery the entire time. I'm itching to go again!